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Writing, editing, cover art, and layout—
so you can tell your story, your way.



Writing, Editing, Layout, and More

Gatecrasher Editorial was born from a simple concept: Your story is yours. No one else's. And it deserves to be heard.

Our Services

  • What's your editorial philosophy and style?
    Gatecrasher offers copywriting, line editing, and much more. But our editorial philosophy is that submitting your work to someone else for critique takes courage, and we respect that. When you book us, you get an expert in your corner. We're partners, teachers, coaches, and friends. And our priority is to support you and your work.
  • Do I need to have a finished manuscript?
    For certain services, such as line editing, a finished manuscript is preferred, but it's never required. If you're an indie author with great ideas but need help bringing them to life on the page, we also offer coaching and ghostwriting services. Visit the Services page for more information about your available options.
  • What does your editorial process look like?
    That depends on the services you need. Our team is well-versed in the most popular style guides, including the Associated Press Style Book and the Chicago Manual of Style, but we aren't sticklers for "the rules." We recognize that writing is about communicating with clarity and grace, so when we edit, we put voice and story first.
  • What do your services cost?
    Every project is slightly different, but we work hard to ensure our pricing is fair and transparent, as you can see on the Services page. We base our prices on EFA's rates and believe that good editorial work is worth the cost, but we also understand that it isn't cheap, which is why we offer bundle discounts and a referral program. If you want to book more than one service, just say so when you reach out. We're happy to meet you halfway.
  • How much experience do you have?
    That varies depending on the team member, but Gatecrasher has a combined 50-plus years of editorial experience, and we've worked on projects ranging from multimillion dollar ad campaigns to epic fantasy novels. For example, our lead writer and editor has been doing this professionally for 20 years and is certified in the fundamentals of editing by ACES and the Poynter Institute.
  • Do you offer samples or references?
    We're proud of the projects we've worked on and understand that editorial work is a big investment for services that are inherently subjective. When you reach out to us, specify that you'd like a free sample edit or a chance to speak with a previous client, and we'll set up an introduction. If you'd like to see some of our work (along with a few client testimonials), you can visit the Portfolio page at any time.
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